The partner ecosystem

Layer is integrated into the data management of its partner companies, based on their business needs, to customize each of its functionalities and a richer and more relevant data ecosystem.


Data Services

Layer offers four data analysis tools: DataLink (dataset consulting and advanced analytics), DataBridge (collection, treatment and management of consents), Data4Loyalty (integration in the loyalty program, to have more data on the consumption patterns of the users) and DataExchange (shared lead qualification system).



Partner companies can incorporate, as a premium service, fields or data sets to Layer databases, to customize their work environment.



Layer also offers a premium PaaS service, its flexible analytical platform to implement its own projects that integrate other service modules, such as MyDataCanvas or DataBridge, or ML by Layer, which includes advanced analytics models.


ML by Layer

Premium extension with advanced analytics operating models for various use cases of partner companies.

What do you earn in Layer?

People are not just data, but we generate millions of bits of information that are in the hands of many actors who obtain great benefits from them. Layer's mission is to give you back control over your data , helping you to obtain direct and immediate benefits from its exploitation, in an integrated and secure blockchain based platform that puts you in contact with brands from all over the world.

About us

The sum of diverse experiences and very good vibes!


Melanie Calero


(Chief Executive & Data Officer)


Andrés Joaquín de Cuevas


(Chief Financial & Data Officer)


Ana María Márquez

Data Envangelist + Data Officer


Enrique Moya


(Customer Experience & Data Officer)


Diego Mallada


(Chief Tech & Data Officer)


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